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What Will Be the Main Mobile Phones of 2014?

With mobile phones getting ever quicker and more functional, we all want to know what will be coming next. Read our blog post about the upcoming phones of 2014

Are you wondering what the mobile phones of 2014 will be like?  Here’s your answer on what is coming up.

  • The i-Mobile IQ X is an Android with some nifty features, such as being lightweight and having a really good camera.
  • The HTC Desire L is another Android Smartphone, but this one is much awaited.  HTC is bringing out amazing phones, and the latest Desire is set to be a good one.
  • The ZTE Grand X2 In is a nice looking phone and will, like the i-Mobile IQ X most likely simply be provided with low end contracts.  It’s good, but not amazing.
  • The Acer Liquid S1 is one of those phones that most can’t agree on.  Acer has always been all about the laptops, but it seems their smartphones are going to be pretty good too.  We will have to withhold judgement for now.
  • The ZET V81 is an Android tablet.  It has a really good camera, but not the best Bluetooth connection (2.1, versus the 3.0 that the i-Mobile IQ X will have).  However, it’s inexpensive and comfortable to work with.
  • The Yezz Andy A5 is a pretty cool upcoming phone with dual sim technology, something that is quite rare for a lesser known make.  It will also offer Bluetooth 4.0.  One to watch!
  • The Gigabyte GSmart Sierra S1 is almost like a copy of the Samsung Galaxy.  It is specifically targeting that market of people who want the Galaxy but can’t afford it, choosing this one as an alternative because it looks the same.
  • The Gigabyte GSmart Simba SX1 is also not very original.  This really is likely to be a low-end device, with only 8.0 megapixels on its cameras and quite poor pixel resolution.
  • The I-Mobile i-Style 7 is yet another of those lesser known devices.  It does, however, have a fantastic camera, which may make it interesting for those after something cheap with superior photographic qualities.
  • The ZTE Nova Messenger is like an old BlackBerry copy, with the full QWERTY keyboard at the bottom.  It has a terrible camera and only offers 2.1 Bluetooth.  But it does have that keyboard…
  • The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit T599 is a little like the Samsung Galaxy Mini – much cheaper, much smaller but with all the functionality you would expect from a Samsung.
  • The Alcatel One Touch Fire is likely to be a very popular phone.  It looks good and is easy to use and is predicted to do well in terms of favourites.