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An Explanation of 4G – Do You Need it?

4G is the latest in mobile communications technology. Read our explanation of 4G and it's uses.

At present, most networks use technology known as 3G/UMTS.  However, this has existed for no less than a decade and it is getting to the point where it struggles to meet the demands of today’s users, who are online all the time and want their browser speed to be super quick. Hence, 4G/LTE was developed – Fourth Generation/Long Term Evolution.  But this means that people do need an explanation of 4G.

Essentially, it is a new mobile network development, which allows people to have a data speed that by far exceeds that provided by 3G.  Numerous places in the US, but the UK and other European countries still have to play catch-up.  However, a huge auction took place so that European and UK carriers could start to offer 4G.  But do we really need it?

According to the carriers, being able to offer 4G will be a huge boost to the economy.  This is because it will stimulate others to make investments, which will lead to innovation and overall growth.  Besides this, mobile users will be provided with internet that is faster and more reliable and simply better overall.

The idea is that people will be able to stream their HD videos even when not connected to Wi-Fi, as well as being able to make crystal clear video calls and surf at the speed of light.

So the question is, do we need it?  Basically, yes.  It is like asking yourself whether you really need a new computer, when your old Commodore 64 is still in perfect working order.  Although this may be the case, old and dated technology doesn’t allow you access to all the things we want access to.  The world of mobile phones, mobile operating systems and mobile apps is developing very quickly.  You may decide that you don’t want to use any of those apps, or the internet or social media, but you will then soon have a phone that can do nothing else but make telephone calls.  Sure, that is what mobiles were originally designed for, but we all know that they are so much more now.

Through 4G, your mobile experience will be increased tremendously and this is what everybody is after.  Isn’t it a case of wanting to make sure you don’t have to wait for things to load?  Through 4G, everything will be so quick that you are genuinely experiencing real-time and that is something we all want.