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An Explanation of 4G – Do You Need it?
4G is the latest in mobile communications technology. Read our explanation of 4G and it's uses.
Evolution of the Mobile Phones over the Last 10 Years
Phones have always been changing, but have you realised how drastic some of these changes have been? Read our blog post on the evolution of the mobile phone over the past decade.
What Will Be the Main Mobile Phones of 2014?
With mobile phones getting ever quicker and more functional, we all want to know what will be coming next. Read our blog post about the upcoming phones of 2014
On hold messaging – Do you need it?
How often do you have the undivided attention of your customers and prospective clients? What would you say to them? Would you stay quiet and say nothing?
Top 5 tips to keep your telecoms up to date
In the digital age, commercial users cannot afford to be relying on ultimately inadequate service from their telecom company. It is of utmost important that you have total faith in the stability and reliability of your provider[...]
Are virtual switchboards necessary to get customers where they need to be?
When dealing with ever growing corporations and large establishments, the virtual switchboard can be invaluable in connecting customers with someone who can help them.
The future of UK broadband
The government hopes that the broadband of the future in the UK is superfast – investing widely in new connections and the improvement of the network to bring high speed access to households and businesses throughout the country.
The increase in VOIP usage
VOIP – or Voice Over Internet Protocol services – are a way of making telephone connections over the internet[...]
The best ways to keep your customers engaged while on hold
Having to keep a customer on hold is any businesses worst nightmare as they run the risk of the customer hanging up rather than waiting. As the customer, if you are stuck on hold then in order to keep you interested, you want to hear something that interests you and makes you want to hang on in there to get through to someone.
How important is inbound call management?
If your business is based around sales, which most businesses are these days in one way or another, then you cannot afford to lose customers who try to contact your business.
The benefits of conference calls to business
Conference calling has really moved on and advanced in recent years. With better phone systems and the introduction of VOIP, conference calls are now a key way to do business across the world.